Questions of the Week

Theme: Only those who enter the banquet will share the reign of God. 
Question for Children: Why is it important for you to do what Jesus asks of you? 
Question for Youth: Each week we are invited to participate in Mass. When you are at Mass, how well do you really participate? How could you be more present in heart, mind, and spirit? 
Question for Adults: Using Jesus’ parable as your starting point, describe in your own words who will be welcome and why they will be welcome, at the eternal banquet of God. 
Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday readings: 
 Together with your family, discuss the phrase “Many are invited but few are chosen.” This week do one thing as a family to help others, thereby making this world a better place for someone else. 
Participate in the Banquet of the Lord by attending Sunday Eucharist together as a family. Talk to the family about preparing our hearts for the Eucharist. What can we do to be better prepared for the liturgy celebration? Arrive at church a few minutes early to prepare for this special Eucharistic meal.