A beautiful way to commemorate the Life of a Loved One is to offer something to the Church in their memory. This is done by making a donation towards an item that will be used during a particular liturgical season, or throughout the year in the celebration of our Liturgies. These following items are some of the things on our "Parish Wish List":

  • A Green Celebrant Vestment
  • 2 Green Priest Stoles
  • 1 Advent purple Celebrant Vestments
  • Communion Linens
  • Lace Altar Cloth
  • Set of 4 Communion Cups
  • Set of 2 Candelabra
  • Set of 6 Altar Candles and Crucifix
  • Processional Cross
  • Refurbish Statue of St. Joseph (BPJ)

Some items have already been ordered and others will be needed in the near future. Since November is the Month of Remembrance, if you would like to memorialize one or more of these items, please see Father Robert and he will meet with you to discuss your options. Most of these can have the name of the person given "in memory of" inscribed onto them.