Questions of the Week

Theme: The cross is a way that leads to true life.

Question for Children: Jesus tells us that we each called to follow him. What is hard for you to do to follow Jesus?

Question for Youth: In order to follow Jesus, we have to do hard things, to carry our own crosses. What is a cross that you are carrying right now? In what ways can you ask Jesus to
help you with your cross?

Question for Adults: Jesus gives us the core truth to life and eternal happiness — the cross. Name the cross that you carry. How is it bringing you closer to God?

Choose one of the following activities as a way to further
reflect on the Sunday readings:

To follow Jesus, to do the will of God, comes at a cost. Invite family members to answer the question: When is it difficult for you to follow Jesus? Remind family members that
with God’s grace and help, anything is possible.

As a family, discuss how you have experienced the Paschal Mystery. What events were crises for you? How were you able to survive them? What events have you celebrated as a family? How have these events been life-giving?