Questions of The Week

Theme: We are called to help one another grow as a community of faith. 
Question for Children: What is one thing you would do for someone whom you loved? 
Question for Youth: Jesus tells us about the importance of community and friendship. When have you helped heal an argument between friends? How did that feel? 
Question for Adults: How do you make sure you follow the way of love as described by Paul in today’s reading? What steps do you take to eliminate the unloving — grudges, hatred, prejudice, or others. 
Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday readings: 
 How can you help the members of your family grow in faith? As a family, make a list of ways you can make your home a better reflection of God's love. 
 Jesus said that when two or more people come together in his name — he will be there. To help your family experience the power of praying together, pray the Lord's Prayer aloud in unison. Pause for a moment of silence. Invite family members to silently pray for one another. Close by 
thanking God for the gifts of faith and family.