The Baptism of the Lord – January 11

Theme: Baptism gives us new life.

Question for Children: Why does Baptism make you special?

Question for Youth: You were baptized as a member of the Christian community. What does it mean to you to belong to this community? How is it a support in your life?

Question for Adults: What meaning does your Baptism have for your everyday life?

Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday readings:

At his Baptism, Jesus was publicly proclaimed God’s Son and then filled with the Spirit. At that moment, he began his life work of proclaiming the kingdom of God on earth. At our baptism, we, too, were filled with the Spirit. How are we called to proclaim the kingdom of God?

This week, come to church with your family and get some holy water. When you get home, put it in a small bowl. Begin a family ritual of beginning the day by making the sign of the cross with holy water and recalling your baptism. Check to see that your child knows how to make the sign of the cross reverently.