Free E-mail Program from Dynamic Catholic

We prepare for everything we consider important in life. And that includes Christmas. We visit family and friends, bake cookies, decorate our trees and shop for gifts until we’re ready to drop. This year, prepare for Christmas in a different way. Join our parish for “BEST ADVENT EVER,” a free e-mail program from Dynamic Catholic that will help you slow down and focus on what matters most during the busy holiday season.

Each day of Advent, you’ll receive an e-mail with • short inspirational videos from Allen Hunt and Dominick Albano, with guest appearances from Matthew Kelly • practical tips for your everyday life • real-life stories to encourage you in your faith journey. Plus every Sunday during the program, you’ll receive a thought-provoking video reflection that will help you understand how the Gospel relates to your own life. To sign up, visit: BestAdventEver.com/Christmas.