Give to Caesar what is Caesar's...

Dear Parishioners and Friends, 

In today's Gospel Jesus is asked if it is lawful to pay the temple tax. He responds by saying "give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's!" Jesus' response is sometimes interpreted as having it both ways. But that's precisely what Jesus is not doing. Jesus refuses to split life into two discrete compartments, independent of each other, God getting one part of me, and the "real world" where I live, work, and exist getting the other. Caesar must be given what is Caesar's says Jesus. But what is Caesar's? The coin that pays the temple tax. What is God's everything else - our heart, soul, values, moral judgments, and our ultimate allegiance. So let us give these things to God today and everyday so He can do with them as He will. May God Bless you all and Saint Joseph pray for us! 

Father Robert