The Cross of Christ


Today we honor the Holy Cross of Christ!  It is through the wood of the Cross that we have been saved. The sign of the Cross for many Christians is something that identifies who we are and what we believe.  The cross is physically traced on us and it symbolically shapes our lives to Jesus’ own self – sacrificing love.  Likewise the cross is the first sign made upon us at Baptism and the last sign traced over our graves – promise made and promise fulfilled, seed falling to earth in death before springing up to new life.   As we rejoice today in the salvation won for us through the wood of the cross, let us remember to always thank God.   God our Father has given us the gift of his Son, who willingly gave his life to be nailed to the cross, so that we might have everlasting life with him.   

May the sign of the cross on our hearts and hopefully the one we have in our homes always remind us of the love Christ has for us.  May we do our best to live that love each day and share it with all!  May God Bless you all and Saint Joseph pray for us!