Pop Quiz

Dear Parishioners,

When I was younger and in school, I never liked when the teacher gave a pop quiz. I was not prepared for it and that was reflected by my grade on the quiz.

The proper preparation is important for anything we're going to do. It may be taking an exam, playing a sport or giving a presentation. The outcome will represent how well we prepared.

Everyday for us is a time of preparation. Today's gospel tells us that no one knows when Jesus will come again. On that day, we will face our final judgment and we hope to be admitted into paradise. Since we don't know when that day will be, we want to be prepared.

Jesus taught us his message of love. He taught us love of God and love of one another. By putting the Lord first in our lives, we will follow his message of love. Then we will be prepared on the day of judgment to live with the Lord for all eternity.


Sincerely in Christ,
Father Dominick