Getting away...and presence

Dear Parishioners,
I guess we can say that the summer is moving along quickly. The summer is a time for us to enjoy some free time, maybe take a vacation and to get refueled. We also want to make the most of our summer because it goes by very fast!

During this time of getting away and going on vacation, it's important to remember that we never take a vacation from God. Being a follower of Jesus isn't always easy. Sometimes it may seem more difficult than others. Through our prayer, attending mass and following Christ's teaching, we continue to keep the Lord present in our life.

God's Word is always present to us. We hear it at mass and when we read the bible. The way we respond to God's Word is by receiving it in our minds, treasuring it in our hearts and practicing it in our daily life.

Let's be sure we keep the Lord present in our life both when it seems difficult as well as when it is easier. I'd like to conclude with a prayer where we ask for the Lord to remain present to us, particularly in those most difficult times:


Give us your strength, Lord.

For sometimes things get tough,

and we are ready to quit.


Give us your love, Lord.

Because sometimes people reject us,

and we are tempted to hate.


Give us your eyes, Lord.

Because sometimes life gets dark,

and we lose our way.


Give us your courage, Lord.

Because often we are put under pressure,

and it's hard to do what is right.


Give us yourself, Lord.

Because our hearts were made for you,

and we will not rest until we rest in you.


Sincerely in Christ,
Father Dominick