Did it matter?

Dear Parishioners,

There was a church that had a very active youth group. One Sunday, the gospel was the same gospel we heard today. Jesus sent his disciples out, told them to take nothing for themselves along the journey and to be there for people in whatever way they were needed.

This youth group decided to be like the disciples and find ways they could help people who needed their help. They broke up into five groups. The next time they met, each of the five groups reported what they had done.

One group had done two hours of yard work for an elderly man. Another group brought ice cream treats and delivered them to several widows in the church. A third group visited a church member in the hospital and gave him a card. Another group went to a nursing home and sang Christmas carols - yes, carols in the middle of summer. One elderly resident remarked that it was the warmest Christmas she could remember.

When the fifth group got up and reported what they had done, everybody groaned. This group went to an elderly woman from a different church and did her yard work. When they finished, the woman called the group together and thanked them.

When the woman thanked them, the youth group realized she thought they were from her own church. But the youth didn't correct her. When asked why they didn't correct her, the youth said, "we didn't think it mattered."

These young people were happy to help the woman and didn't need the recognition. They did just what Jesus asked his disciples to do. They put the concerns of those in need before their own.


Sincerely in Christ,
Father Dominick