Endings...and Beginnigs

Dear Parishioners,

It is the last Sunday of August and next Sunday is Labor Day weekend. As summer will be coming to an end, we will go back to our ordinary routines.

Students will be returning to school after summer vacation. Many of us use the summer to get away for a vacation and take some time off from work. When we all look back on the past few months, we can think about how we enjoyed our summer.

We don't often like to see the summer come to an end. But this is when we look ahead to all of the new things that are ahead of us. Students move up to a higher grade and come together again with their friends at school. There may be new opportunities and challenges at work. So as we look back at the summer as it comes to an end, we can look ahead to all of the new things that will be taking place for us.


Sincerely in Christ,
Father Dominick