Dear Parishioners,

There was a man who wandered into a church while a mass with children was taking place. The man was shabbily dressed. He sat down and appeared to have fallen asleep.

When the mass was coming to an end, the children sang a song in honor of Mary. The song ended with these words:

"Mother of Christ, Star of the sea.

Pray for the wanderer, pray for me."

Suddenly the man was upset and appeared to start crying. Someone went up to him and the man said, "I'm alright. It's just that song. I haven't heard it in years. I haven't been to a church in years either."

When we listen to this story we hear how the man reacted because of the words sung to Mary. We can ask ourselves if we think Mary herself had anything to do with this man's reaction. We can also ask ourselves if we think Mary herself helped this man to return to his faith.

This Tuesday September 8, we will celebrate the birthday of Mary. It is a beautiful celebration. Mary came into the world free from original sin. God did not let Mary be touched with the stain of sin as she would carry the Son of God, our Savior in her womb.

How much do we pray to Mary? We can pray to Mary by saying the Hail Mary, the Rosary and by saying other prayers to the Blessed Mother. We can also pray to Mary and ask for her intercession.

Mary will respond to our prayers and will be there for us. We believe this by the way she said "Yes" to God to bring Jesus into our world so we can receive forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life. We can also believe this by the story we just heard where the man returned to his faith after hearing the words sung to Mary:

"Mother of Christ, Star of the sea.

Pray for the wanderer, pray for me."


Sincerely in Christ,
Father Dominick