85 Years!

Dear Parishioners,

This weekend we're celebrating the 85th Anniversary of St. Joseph Church. In 1931, Mrs. Josephine Schweinler donated two acres of land and paid for the construction of the church in memory of her husband, Charles Schweinler, who had passed away in 1927. The first mass at St. Joseph was celebrated on Christmas Day in 1931 by Father Glover.

Throughout the following eighty-five years, the parish has grown with additional land, buildings and parishioners. Many young people have received their Catholic education from our school and religious education program. There have been a number of priests, sisters and deacons who have brought God's Word to the people of our parish. We thank God for His Blessings on St. Joseph Parish and ask for His continued Blessings.

Special thanks to Bishop Flesey for celebrating our anniversary liturgy. Thank you to everyone who helped in preparing the liturgy and the reception that follows. Very special thanks to all of you, our parishioners, who together make up the Church of St. Joseph.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick