Spot me a few points?

Dear Parishioners,

There's an old story about a man who, at an elderly age, died and went to the pearly gates, just outside of heaven. There he met with St. Peter to determine if the man would enter into heaven. 

     St. Peter said to the man, "I'm going to ask you why you should be admitted into heaven. For everything you did, I will give you some points and once your score reaches 100, you're in. 

    The man started with, "Well, I was married and faithful to my wife for over fifty years." "Ok, one point," St. Peter said. "I had seven children, one was a priest and another was a nun," the old man said. "Alright, that's two more points." "I pray the Rosary daily for almost my whole life." "Another point," St. Peter said. "You have four points."

The man at the pearly gates started to get very nervous. Everything he thought would earn him lots of points amounted to very little. "I gave 10 per cent of my salary to the Church and every year I made a huge donation to the Archbishop's Annual Appeal!" "That's another point," St. Peter said. "You have five points now and need 95 more."

"Oh, no," the distraught and frightened man said and then he exclaimed, "Oh, Lord, have mercy on me!" St. Peter said, “That’ll cover what you owe. Now you can enter into paradise.”

The moral of this story is to trust in God's Mercy. Last Sunday we celebrated Mercy Sunday, that God is Merciful, He is all forgiving. Throughout this entire Easter season we celebrate how Jesus gained for us forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life. This is also the Year of Mercy in the Church, celebrating that God our Father is all loving and all forgiving.


Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick