The Practical Trinity


Dear Parishioners,

There's a park in London called Hyde Park. It's a favorite place for soapbox orators. On a Sunday afternoon you can go there and hear talks on every topic under the sun. They range from talks on politics to talks on religion.

Frank Sheed, a famous Catholic layman who lived in England, went there often to talk about religion. He used to say that he could hold a crowd for two hours in the rain, talking on the Trinity. Sheed's remark is interesting. It makes an important point. People are interested in the Trinity and want to learn more about it. They want to make the Trinity come alive in their everyday lives.

Unfortunately, very few articles are written about the Trinity and very few homilies are devoted to it. Even when you read an article or hear a homily on the Trinity, it is often tedious. This is understandable because when we talk about the Trinity, we are talking about a profound mystery.

Today as we celebrate Trinity Sunday, what can we do to make the Trinity come alive more in our own personal lives? One way that is found helpful is a prayer exercise that is followed each night before falling asleep. It is a three minute exercise replaying the day that has just ended.

During the first minute, pick out a high point of your day, something good that happened. Speak to the Father about it and thank Him for it. During the second minute, pick out the low point of your day, something bad that might have happened. Speak to Jesus about it and ask for forgiveness. During the third minute, look ahead to tomorrow and what may take place. Speak to the Holy Spirit about it and ask for guidance.

As you can see, this exercise combines prayer with an examination of conscience. But more importantly, it brings the Holy Trinity into the nitty-gritty of our everyday lives. I'd like to suggest in the week ahead to set aside three minutes each night and try this prayer exercise in honor of the Trinity.


Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick