The Power of Prayer

Dear Parishioners,

There was a young high school teacher named Mary. She wanted so much to succeed as a teacher. But a student named Billy was turning her into a nervous wreck and turning her class into a three-ring circus.
     One morning, before school began, Mary was sitting at her desk writing something in shorthand. Suddenly Billy appeared at the door. "What are you writing?" he asked her as he approached her desk. "I'm writing a prayer to God," she said. "Can God read shorthand?" he joked. "He can do anything," said Mary, "even answer this prayer." Then she tucked the prayer inside her bible and turned to write on the chalkboard. As she did, Billy slipped the prayer from her bible into his notebook.
     Twenty years later, Billy was going through a box of old things his mother had stored in her attic. He found his old notebook and the prayer his teacher had written was inside of it. Billy brought the prayer to his secretary and asked her to decipher the shorthand. After doing this, she typed the prayer out for Billy. It said: "Dear God, don't let me fail at this job. I can't handle my class with Billy upsetting it. Touch his heart. He can become very good."
     Billy took this prayer and put it in his wallet. During the next week, he took the prayer out several times and read it. He began to use this prayer as a basis for any decision that he made. Weeks later, Billy located his former teacher and told her that her prayer had changed his life.
     Prayer has enormous power. To experience the power of prayer, we must persevere in praying. We can't expect immediate results. That will come in God's own way and in God's own time.


Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick