Never Give Up!

Dear Parishioners,

Winston Churchill was such a bad student that his father feared he would never be able to support himself as an adult. Thomas Edison was so slow in school that his father was convinced he was a dunce.

Churchill would become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom two different periods of time for a total of nine years. Edison became an inventor of many devices that influenced life around the world and is best known for his invention of the light bulb.

Neither Winston Churchill nor Thomas Edison let bad judgments stop them. They never gave up. They followed through and achieved great success.

In today's gospel, Jesus is telling us not to let anything get in the way of following him. We're going to face challenges as we practice our faith and we're going to have questions. This is where Jesus tells us not to look back. As we focus on Jesus, follow his teaching and build out relationship with the Lord, we prepare ourselves to one day live with the Lord in His Kingdom.


Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick