Dear Parishioners,

A high school basketball team had just celebrated mass in preparation for playing in the state tournament. During the homily, the priest said that ten years from now the important thing about their basketball season will not be whether they become state champs or not. The important thing will be what they become on the process of trying to win the title.

Did they become better human beings?
Did they become more loving?
Did they become more loyal to one another?
Did they become more committed?
Did they grow as a team and as an individual?

     If we make Jesus a part of our daily life, we can answer yes to each of these questions. We get caught up in our responsibilities and our activities every day. By remembering to talk to Jesus in prayer and ask for his help, we can follow through with our responsibilities while growing in our relationship with Jesus.
     In today's gospel, Martha is very concerned with the household chores. Mary will also help with the chores, but she is making time for Jesus. She has the opportunity to be with Jesus and we hear him say, "Mary has chosen the better part."
     Let's keep this in mind as we get caught up in our busy lives. We can make Jesus part of our day and still follow through with our responsibilities. This is how we build our relationship with the Lord and like Mary, choose the better part.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick