Sharing the Message

Dear Parishioners,

Frank Sinatra sang a song called, Summer Wind. As summer has begun and we've experienced some hot weather, I think we would all appreciate some summer wind.
     This Monday July 4, we celebrate Independence Day. As we celebrate our nation's independence, we want to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ. 
     In today's gospel, we hear Jesus sending out his disciples to share his message. Jesus tells them that it isn't going to be easy. They will not be accepted by everyone. But Jesus tells his disciples to continue to move on and to proclaim the Kingdom of God.
     As we come together to celebrate July 4th and to enjoy our summer vacation, let's remember to keep God present. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we can recognize the Lord in one another. This is how, like the disciples, we proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick