Destroying Our Enemies

Dear Parishioners,


A woman was shocked when she heard Abraham Lincoln speak kindly of the Confederate soldiers. She challenged him, saying, "I think we'd be better advised to focus on destroying our enemies rather than befriending them." Lincoln replied, "Madam, we destroy our enemies when we befriend them."

We receive this same teaching from Jesus. He teaches us forgiveness of one another rather than having to get even. By forgiving one another, we come together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

In today's gospel, Jesus tells the parable of The Good Samaritan. The man who was beaten and left on the ground was a Jew, on his way to Jerusalem. The Priest and the Levite didn't stop to help him but the Samaritan did.

The Jews and Samaritans were great enemies. They did not associate with each other. In this parable, Jesus is teaching us forgiveness. When we hear the message Jesus teaches us in this parable, we remember the words of Abraham Lincoln, "We destroy or enemies when we befriend them."

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick