Dear Parishioners,

I'd like to share the following poem with you. Its title is “The Invitation”:

You’re invited to come dine with me,

From now through all eternity.

Believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

and dine with Jesus as your host.

To live in heaven eternally,

all you must do is R.S.V.P.


Now this is obviously an invitation to all of us . . . to one day live with God our Father in heaven. The end of the poem says, “All you must do is R.S.V.P.” How do we do this? How do we tell God we accept His invitation for eternal life?

We answer God all the time. We let God know we accept His invitation by the way we live our life, by following His Will.

The king in today’s gospel is upset because he is planning a wedding feast and no one is accepting his invitation. The king in this parable represents God. The people not accepting his invitation represent sinful people who don’t follow God’s Will.

By hearing God’s Word and practicing His teaching, we are following God’s Will. In this way, we are preparing ourselves for the gift of eternal life.

God is inviting every one of us to live with Him in heaven. As the poem says, all we must do is R.S.V.P.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick