Dual Citizenship

Dear Parishioners,

Some of you may have read the book, A Man for All Seasons. In this story, King Henry VIII of England was validly married. He appealed to Rome to have his marriage annulled, but he had no true grounds for an annulment.

Rome refused to grant the annulment. King Henry decided to take matters into his own hands. He remarried. He then ordered friends and officials to sign a document declaring that they agreed King Henry was right in what he was doing.

St. Thomas More, the English martyr, refused to sign this document. King Henry demanded that he sign or be arrested for treason and executed by the state. But St. Thomas More still refused. He remained faithful to his obligation to God.

Today’s gospel reminds us that we have a dual citizenship. We are citizens of the world and citizens of heaven. We have a loyalty and an obligation to each. If they ever clash, we can follow Thomas More’s example and remain faithful to our obligation to God.