A King

Dear Parishioners,

When we think of a king, we think of someone of great power. A king is someone who dresses to represent royalty and is well respected. Today in the Catholic Church, we celebrate the feast of Christ the King.

Jesus is our king. He was very poor and had no material goods. He didn’t dress to represent royalty. Throughout His public ministry, Jesus was put down and ridiculed, not receiving any respect. Eventually He was put to death. So Jesus didn’t live up to our image of a king.

This is because Jesus’s kingship was not a kingship of power or royalty. Jesus’s was a kingship of humility. Jesus looked for nothing for Himself, just what He could do for His people, just what He could do for all of us. Today, as we celebrate the feast of Christ the King, we celebrate the humble Jesus, who gave His life so we could be saved.

Jesus tells us in today’s gospel that we express our love for God through our love for one another. As we follow Jesus’s example of love and humility, we prepare ourselves for the gift of eternal life. And we will receive that gift by following the teaching of Christ the King.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick