Dear Parishioners,

This coming Saturday is April 1. It's hard to believe it is April already. Time is flying by. In the Church, we're already in the fourth week of Lent. Easter will be here before we know it!

How has Lent been for each of us? Have we tried to turn away from what separates us from God and grow closer to Him? This is what we want to do in Lent, turn away from our sinfulness and grow closer to the Lord.

Lent is a time to be cured of our spiritual blindness. When sin is getting the best of us, we are blind spiritually. Now is the opportunity to recognize where we sin the most and be cured of our spiritual blindness.

In today's gospel, Jesus cures a blind man. The Pharisees refuse to believe that Jesus could do this. They said Jesus could not be from God because He cured on the Sabbath. The true blindness in the gospel is in the Pharisees, who are spiritually blind.

Let's learn from this gospel message. We can ask ourselves how we've used the season of Lent to turn from sin and grown closer to God. As we get closer to celebrating Jesus's resurrection, let's be cured of our own spiritual blindness.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick