Making Time

Dear Parishioners,

As the weather is getting warmer, we begin thinking about summer and our vacation plans. This is when school is out for a few months and we're able to take some time away from work.

What is important to remember during our free time is to still make time for Jesus. He is present to us in the summer months in the same way He is present throughout the rest of the year.

Last Thursday was Ascension Thursday. On that day, we remembered how Jesus ascended to the Father. This was, of course, after coming to earth, proclaiming God's Kingdom and gaining for us the gift of eternal life.

When Jesus ascended to heaven, He left His disciples to continue to teach His word. Jesus told His disciples he would continue to be present to them and He would be watching over them. Jesus left His disciples to continue to follow His teaching and to pass His message on to others.

The same thing is asked from all of us. Jesus is still present to us, just like He remained present to His disciples after ascending to heaven. So when we take our vacation and enjoy our free time in the summer, let's remember to keep time for Jesus.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick