Three Things

Dear Parishioners,

A Chicago novelist, John Powers, wrote a book called, The Unoriginal Sinner and the Ice Cream God. It’s about a boy named Tim Conroy. Tim’s in the process of growing up, and it’s proving to be a tough job. One day Tim confides in a friend: “I come from a family of practicing Catholics. But do you know something? The more I practice, the worse I get.”

We may feel like Tim at times. Think of it this way. By the time we’re twenty-five, we’ve heard God’s Word read and explained to us a thousand times. Maybe we aren’t getting worse, but where has God’s Word been a positive influence?

The answer to this question may be found in the parable Jesus tells in today’s gospel. The sower in the parable is Jesus. The seed is God’s Word. The rocky ground, thorns and rich soil refer to the people who hear God’s Word. Some reject it immediately. Others receive it and reject it later. Still others receive it, treasure it and put it into practice.

The gospel teaches us how God’s Word can be a positive influence for us. We learn that there are three steps involved in hearing God’s Word: we are to receive it in our minds, treasure it in our hearts and put it into practice in the way we live our lives.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick