Moments of Grace

Dear Parishioners,

How easy is it that we get caught up in our day-to- day activities. Whether it’s work, caring for the family, studying or even enjoying free time, we tend to think only about what’s happening today: today’s events, today’s problems and today’s needs. We may often get completely focused on the here and now, with hardly a thought about anything else.

Spiritual writers sometimes speak of a “moment of grace.” This is a moment when the border between heaven and earth appears to fade for a brief second. This is a moment during our day-to-day activities when God’s presence touches our life deeply. This is a moment when, for a split-second of time, we are blessed with God’s loving presence and activity in our lives.

In today’s gospel, Peter, James and John experienced a moment of grace. They went up the mountain with Jesus to pray and saw Him in His glory. Elijah, the great prophet from the Old Testament, and Moses, the law giver from the Old Testament, each appeared with Jesus.

This moment of grace moved Peter so deeply it appeared he didn’t want it to end, having to return to his daily activities. But Peter, along with James and John, walked away with a new understanding of the Lord’s presence in his life.

Do we ever stop to think about the Lord’s presence in our lives? Each of us can ask ourselves the question, “Can I recall a moment of grace in my life?” When we experience the birth of a child, the return of a loved one or special time with family or friends, we’re experiencing God. Whenever we pray, we’re in conversation with God. When we attend mass, we come to worship God. If we think back on times such as these and so many like them, we can each recall our own “moment of grace.”

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick