A Bike Ride

Dear Parishioners,

A poem compares our life with Jesus to two people on a tandem bicycle. It reads:

At first, I sat in front; Jesus in the rear. I couldn’t see him, but I knew He was there. I’d feel His help when the road got steep. Then, one day, Jesus and I changed seats. Suddenly everything went topsy-turvy. When I was in control, the ride was predictable – even boring. But when Jesus took over, it got wild! I could hardly hold on.

“This is madness!” I cried out. But Jesus just smiled – and said, “Pedal!” And so I learned to shut up and pedal – and trust my bike companion. Oh, there are still times when I get scared and I’m ready to quit. But Jesus turns around, touches my hand, smiles, and says, ‘Pedal!’

“I may trust Jesus too little, but I can never trust him too much.” – Anonymous

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick