1st Corinthians

Dear Parishioners,

Whenever I celebrate a wedding, the couple getting married has the option to choose the readings. One of the most common readings at a wedding is today’s second reading. It is taken from Saint Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians.

It is best known for the words, “Love is patient, love is kind.” This is a beautiful reading about love. It tells us about seeing the best in one another.

Jesus asks all of us to love one another. He taught us to love not only by His words but by the love He showed for all of us. One day we hope to be with the Lord in heaven. We prepare for that day by following Jesus’s teaching of love. I’d like to conclude with this prayer where we ask the Lord to help us to love like He does:

Lord, teach each one of us

that here on earth

You have no hands but ours

to reach out to the needy.

You have no heart but ours

to embrace the lonely.

You have no voice but ours

to share the message

of why you lived, suffered and died for us.

Lord, teach us that here on earth

we are your hands,

we are your voice,

we are your heart.

Sincerely in Christ,

                                      Father Dominick

P.S. Thank you very much to all of our Parishioners who donated to the Christmas collection. We have received $32,464.00 to date.  

P.P.S I would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the Flower Memorials.  The list of donors is available at the church entrances.