God's Call

Dear Parishioners,

 We’re all called by God in a particular way.  We might hear God’s Voice in our prayer or possibly through a dramatic intervention in our life. Most probably, though, most of us hear God’s Voice in the ordinary routine of daily life and work.

In the gospel today, Jesus called Peter during an ordinary day’s work. While Peter was washing his nets, not having much success fishing, Jesus happened to choose Peter’s boat from which to teach His people.

Whether it takes us to the other side of the world or keeps us in our hometown and neighborhood, the encounter with God will always have an effect on us, if we allow it. It can transform us and will be life-giving, as long as we respond with generosity and trust.

God’s Call is never just for us, for our own benefit. It is for a greater purpose. He gives us a task, a mission: to be messengers, to speak words of love and healing to His people; to announce His Salvation to the world; to become fishers of men and women; to invite all people to become part of God’s Kingdom.


Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominick