Dec 11 Updates

Religious Ed classes will be held Sunday, Dec. 18 and Tuesday, Dec. 20. Classes will resume Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Thanks to all the parishioners who joined in our anniversary celebration. It was a wonderful gathering of the people we call Church. Bishop Flesey reminded us as to who we are and what we are about. The music was inspiring, and Catherine Peterson's rendition of our new parish song brought us to a deeper understanding of our legacy.

Thanks especially to Denise Alevras, Carol Fastiggi, Mary Swann, Alex Dominguez and Joe Palumbo without whom the party would never have "left the ground!" Thanks to Santa Claus who gave up his time to join us and thrilled our boys and girls.

Special thanks to our eighth grade Confirmation class whose elfin magic made all the difference.

Let us keep aspiring to the unity we felt at our party and move the parish closer to the kingdom of God! As Tiny Tim cries, "God bless us everyone."