June 19 Updates

Registration forms for 2016-2017 are currently being sent to registered families. If you do not receive information or if you are new to the parish and/or have a child of school age who needs to be registered, please contact the Religious Ed. office at 973-669-8331 for information concerning our program or to receive registration materials. Parishioners with children of sacrament age (Eucharist - grade 2, Confirmation, grade 8) in private schools who would like their child to receive the sacrament in the parish, please contact us for information as to what needs to be done.

Our summer reading program will begin June 20. This year we have chosen The Long Loneliness, the autobiography of Dorothy Day. This fascinating and exciting memoir traces her remarkable journey from the political and literary scene of the 1920's through her conversion to Catholicism and her lifelong struggle to help bring about "the kind of society where it is easier to be good."