September 18 Updates

Help Wanted: Because of the change in our program and the wear and tear on materials, we are in need of two TVs and DVD/VHS players. If you can help, please call the Rel. Ed. office at 973-669-8331.

If you have called the Religious Ed. office in the past week and not received an answer, please accept our apologies as our telephone system has not been working. We are up and running now so please reach out to us again. Thanks.

  • Our Religious Education program starts this week on Sunday, September 18, Catechetical Sunday. Please pray for our children, their parents, and especially our catechists, as we embark on a new year, in a new facility, with a new program. This promises to be an exciting year for us!

  • There are no classes Sunday, September 25 as we continue to ready our new facilities. Tuesday classes will begin on the 27th and Sunday classes on October 2.

  • Eighth graders and their parents will meet on Wednesday evening, September 28 in Glover Hall (the new Rel. Ed. Center) for our opening session.

  • If you and your child are new to the area or you have a child entering first grade, please call the office (973-669-8331) for registration materials.

  • If you have a child of First Eucharist age (second grade) who attends Catholic school but you want the child to receive First Communion in St. Joseph's, please call the office for information.