June 18 Updates

Join us Monday, June 19 at 1 p.m. in Glover Hall as we continue our journey into Thomas Merton's wisdom of how to grow deeper in God through his book, New Seeds of Contemplation.


Registration information for next year's classes has been mailed. If you have not received a packet, please notify the office. Please return your forms ASAP to allow us to plan to meet our staff and book needs for classes. If you know of someone with a Catholic child entering first grade, please remind the parent that preparation for First Communion is a two-year process, starting in first grade. Registration forms can be obtained by calling the office. Also, if you have a child in Catholic school and want him/her to receive First Eucharist or Confirmation in our parish, please contact us for information. This includes parents who home school their children. Home schooled children must meet Diocesan guidelines.